Welcome to Tempe STADE – Your Daycare and Locksmith Source

We are Tempe S.T.A.D.E. your number one source for locksmiths and daycares in the tempe area. The reason we’ve decided to focus our efforts on these services is due to our long know history or working in the industries. Back in 1962 the two founders of this site once both both owned a day care tempe and a locksmith site, in fact, that’s how the both met. To keep this short and to the point, our first co-founder happened to lock herself out of her vehicle one Friday afternoon, and was late to opening up her child care practice. Parents were outside waiting with their kids to get it, so in a state of emergency, so dialed the first locksmith she could find to help someone retrieve her keys so she could open the door and let her kids in.

Well, after making her first call to the first key place she saw available, no one answer. And then, by the luck of the draw, a locksmith in tempe truck pulled up to a red light located directly in front of her building. Her being in the emergency state, she ran up to the truck, knocked on the window, and begged for him to help.

Now to make a long story short, the gentleman kindly decided to pull his car around and into her lot to help her get her keys. From that day forward, they would eventually exchange numbers, go on their first date, and become soulmates. So you ask, why is this site about daycares and locksmiths, well that’s exactly why!

We hope you enjoy it!